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What is Tanden breathing?

The Tanden breathing methods draw from ancient techniques handed down mainly from Asia. It is founded on the simple principle that anyone can help improve their health by learning to control their breathing. Today, people from all walks of life practice Tanden breathing. It can be used to improve your lifestyle and for meditation purposes.

Research has shown that these breathing methods have different effects on the mind and body. They have helped people control stress, improve posture, and adjust the autonomic nervous system. Even employees at major companies, such as Google and Nike, practice various Asian meditation forms. Increasingly the world is recognizing how important breathing and meditation in daily life is.

About our association

The Association to Promote Tanden Breathing Methods uses the Chouwado Tanden Breathing Methods(CTBM). The CTBM has a long history. While learning the CTBM anyone can advance from a beginner to an expert level.

Try these methods:

1. Take Tanden breathing certified classes.

Find certified classes on the Society's website.

2. Participate in classrooms and circles run by certified instructors.

Instructors are certified by the CTBM Tradition Committee using the Tanden Breathing Methods.

3. Request on-site visit.

Certified instructors can lead seminars at corporate training headquarters, local government offices and other locations. Instructors can also teach at senior centers to help the elderly. We can arrange for small-scale activities, catering to groups and individuals upon request.

4. Join our online classroom.

Through online courses we can connect with clients anywhere in the world. For continuous access to our services, please join us as a supporting member.

For details, please contact the secretariat.

About our membership system

We look forward to your membership and support.

Supporting member

Admission fee: None

Annual membership fee: 5,000 yen

Membership benefits

  • Free quarterly newsletter
  • Eligibility to attend online classes
  • Discounts on society sponsored workshops
  • Eligibility to participate in members only workshops
  • Access to TBM information

* Please fill out the application form and submit the payment. After payment is processed you will receive a membership number and password for the members only bulletin board.

NPO Association to Promote Tanden Breathing Methods (APTBM)

Director Habu Hiroshi

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